Do You Have Exams Fast Approaching?

Do You Have Exams Fast Approaching?

Do you have exams fast approaching?  Are you worried that you may not make the grades?

Do you want to do well but find that stress and anxiety is keeping you from reaching your full potential?

Well, if  your are thinking ‘yes’  in your head, then you have landed in the right place because I am about to equip you with just the tools that you need to overcome your exam nerves to keep you focused and motivated to do well. So regardless of whether you are at High School, University, sitting Professional Examinations etc. I strongly urge you to keep reading because what I am about to reveal to you will do wonders for your academic performance.  So lets dive right into it shall we?

I’m sure you will agree with me that most of us actually spend a lot of our study time worrying about whether we are going to make it or how difficult the exams are going to be instead of actually focusing on learning the material right? Well,  this does not only sabotage our learning potential but wastes valuable study time as well. To help you overcome that, the first tool I’m going to share with you is focusing on the positive end goal.

As in order to achieve your full potential, it is absolutely vital you put your only focus on the positive end goal instead of constantly worrying about how you may not make it. Because at the end of the day it doesn’t  matter how smart or talented you are, unless you are really intentional in where you direct your focus to, fear and self doubt can derail your efforts and keep you from achieving your goals.

This is because your brain has a mechanism that is called the reticular activating system, its job is to store your objects of focus or desire and signal to your brain to direct its attention to them. Therefore whenever,  you focus on something that you desire your RAS will bring the things and circumstances to your attention that will allow you to get that object of your desire. For example if you desire to have a red Ferrari, your RAS will signal that to your brain which in turn will bring red Ferraris into your attention. But it doesn’t stop there, if you desire it strongly enough and focus enough positive energy on that desire, the RAS will bring the right kind of opportunities into your attention in order to allow you to purchase that red Ferrari. However, there is a caveat, as this can equally work against you as well. For example if you see a red ferrari and keep repeating to yourself that you with you owned one but it is out of your reach because you’re broke and and will never be able to afford it or that these kind of luxury cars are only available to rich people who money grabbing self greedy snobs, then your brain will register that and in return only serve you with more circumstances that will prove to you how broke you are and that these type of luxury items will only ever be beyond your reach.

The same principle works for everything that you put your focus on in life. If you want to do well at school or get a certain grade at your test, all you have to do is focus on it positively and once you have done that you will begin to notice the right events and circumstances that will allow you to achieve that results in your text.  For example if you are a law student and you focus your attention just on doing well and getting your desired grade, you may suddenly find an important article that has some exclusive content that you could use in your exam to make your paper unique and therefore get you a straight A. And trust me guys I can say from experience that this focus thing really works. When I was in my first year of law school I had a compulsory module in public administration law which everyone found challenging, especially me but I had no choice but to pass it. So I made sure that I prepared well and just focused on passing, I kept repeating to myself ‘I must pass, I must pass no matter what.’ In the exam I found a question that had that something to do with parliamentary elections and democracy etc. which I was most comfortable with, hence whilst I was writing away at the question, suddenly I remembered a clip from a news commentary from the previous election year in which they referred to the phrase ‘election magic’ I don’t remember exactly what I wrote but I used that phrase and discussed what was said in that news clip, and voila come July to my great and pleasant surprise I had aced that exam and got a 1st on it. Therefore, instead of sabotaging yourself by constant worrying about how badly you might screw up or how hard the test papers are going to be this year, I suggest that you just focus on what you want your positive outcome to be and put your energy on that.

And here are a couple of tips to help you achieve that focus. The first thing you could do is exactly what I did and that is to keep is telling yourself something along the lines of ‘Im going to pass no matter what, I don’t care what happens I will pass and do well!’ You can even go a step further visualise yourself in your future career or wherever you’re going to go with your qualifications. For Example if you are going to be a doctor, think what about it would be like to have passed all of your exams and to be treating patients who are pleased with the treatments that you have given them and are in turn thanking you. Or if you’re going to be an architect you could focus on standing in from of the first building that you have designed and imagine what that feels like, if you are going to be a lawyer visualise walking out your first successful court appearance etc etc. you get the point. Doing this will not only help you to focus on learning your materials but will also bring your stress and anxiety levels down.

Thats it from me for now, watch this space for my next blog in which I am going to share with you some awesome tools that will help you cut down your revision time and stop you from freaking out so that you can keep your focus and energy on kill it in the exam room.

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