Exams Around the Corner?

Exams Around the Corner?

With exams around the corner, most students often find that they lack the focus needed to keep their eyes on the books and study effectively. Students often complain that although they tend to spend a lot of time ‘trying to study’ while nothing tends to stick as they find themselves procrastinate instead of putting their heads down and get on with. If this is you or you can relate to this, then please read on because what I am about to reveal today could quite frankly be an epic game changer for you.

In my first blog, I talked to you about the importance of staying focused on your positive end goal in order to help you get the most of your studies. Today we are going to build up on that and talk about how you can strengthen that focus further and stay calm to study more effectively so that you can cut down your revision time.

Firstly, I have some great news for you! If you’re like me and struggle with learning the material and spend a substantial amount of time memorising facts, but have always been wondering how some of your classmates or peers seem to be able to ace their tests easily and remember all the material whilst putting the least amount of effort and time on their studies; The Great News for you is that they have the same amount of brain cells as the rest of us, the reason they can do that is that they have the ability to use their minds in a relaxed, confident and organised manner… and GUESS what guys? We can all learn to do just that.

And just in case you don’t believe me,  I’m going to give you some nerdy facts as to the science behind this to help you understand why this happens. Basically! When you are anxious and stressed or in a panicky mode your brain will release a whole bunch of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline which signal to your body that you are in danger, your mind then literally switches to a flight mode and is ready to run. While in this state learning is made difficult if not impossible as acute stress prevents memory storage. Look at it in this way, would you be able to learn maths formulas while being chased by a dog in the park? Highly unlikely right? Therefore, to be able to get most of our study sessions and to make sure that we remember all of our revision materials we need to be in a state of calm, anxiety free and stress levels to a minimum.

But ‘how are you going to stay stress-free and calm when you have important and life-determining exams ahead of you?’ You may ask! Well, more and more psychologists and therapist are pointing toward the practice of mindfulness and meditation for students to practice throughout their exams and assignment periods to keep them calm and their stress levels low! Staying mindful literally means just being in the moment and not worrying about any negative past or future events. The key here is to make sure that every time when your mind drifts off to those kinds of thoughts, you bring your thoughts right back in again to the now of where you’re at and concentrate on what you’re doing at that moment in time! To put this into practice, all you need to do is make sure to catch the negative thought, take a deep breath, breath that thought out as you exhale and bring your thoughts right back to the present moment and focus on the that.  To help you do that, you could repeating a positive mantra like the ones that I have discussed in my first blog. Or even better, every time you find that your mind drifts back into the panic mode, once you have caught that thought stop it, take a deep breath and after you exhale start to think about your positive end goal and visualise yourself in the body of your future self having achieved that goal. I have discussed this in more detail in my first blog, if you have not read that yet, please click on this link to get a more detailed explanation.

Another thing that links into this is, and will help you tremendously to stay mindful and avoid stress and anxiety is the practice of guided meditation and hypnosis. Specific Studies have proven that the relaxation and suggestion techniques used in guided meditations and hypnosis can drastically help you in reducing your levels of stress and anxiety during exam periods and significantly improve your academic performance.

These techniques are so powerful because they do not only calm you down and relax you, but they help you to reprogram your mind to be more positive and confident. They also stimulate your memory, and the frequencies used in the background music are very powerful in connecting to your brain cells and thus stimulating your learning ability.  

I have personally recorded a free exam nerves and memory meditation for you, the link to which you can find here, I’m confident that you will find it very useful, as I have already given it to some of my friends and relatives who have said that they felt it was very effective. So please go ahead and download that now.

So that’s it from me, for now, please watch this space for my next blog in which I am going to share with you another fantastic but unconventional tool that will dramatically impact your revision and help you to recall your revision materials more easily and effortlessly.

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